Original Paintings for Sale 21 artworks

Framed Print on Canvas 75 artworks

Limited Edition Canvas Prints 50 cm 41 artworks

Reproductions of the original paintings by Irena Aizen

Limited Edition Canvas Prints 65 cm 74 artworks

These prints made after original paintings of Irena Aizen

Prints on Paper, Framed 19 artworks

Original paintings - Sold 78 artworks

Irena Aizen, who possesses a philosophical mind and a satirical outlook on life, paints philosophical and satirical pictures. Or perhaps, vice versa – satirical and philosophical ones. The trademarks of the artist's style are a psychological approach, fine analyses of human relationship and an impeccable sense of humor. An excerpt from the article "The unreal world of Irena Aizen" by Olga Morozova PhD in art history Senior assistant A.S.Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, Moscow

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